Brennan Nokelby

Brennan Nokelby

Admissions Counselor
Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin
I find that I love this place because of the books that I studied, the people I lived alongside, and the person I have become because of both. Hillsdale challenged me spiritually, intellectually, and socially during my time as a student, and the experience could not have been more rewarding. Everyone and everything here will change you for the better, if you allow it.
— Brennan Nokelby

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Originally from a small town in central Nebraska, Brennan visited Hillsdale College upon the recommendation of his favorite high school teacher and immediately knew he belonged. While already set on studying history, he developed a deep love for theology in his Western Theological Tradition class with the late Dr. Michael Bauman and ended up deciding to study both disciplines. Throughout his time at Hillsdale, you could find Brennan in the library chatting with other students instead of studying, causing a commotion in Simpson Residence, or on the running trails around town. He worked as a resident assistant for three years, volunteered with A Few Good Men, and competed in various intramural sports. His favorite classes included Theologies of the Holy Spirit, Christian Humanist Historiographical Vision, and The Renaissance.