Emily Oren

Emily Oren

Admissions Counselor
California (Zip Codes 93601-96162), Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Utah
I first fell in love with Hillsdale when I had a chance to speak with faculty and students on my visit, and after my four years of study, I realized it was the people that made Hillsdale so special to me. When people get together to pursue higher things, it creates a great sense of community—one that enriches friendships.
— Emily Oren

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Emily is a Michigan native. As a Hillsdale student, she studied economics and was a part of the economics club PRAXIS. Between classes, she was a varsity Charger runner on the track and field and cross country teams, leading them to two national runner-up finishes, and was named the 2016 Division II Honda Women’s Athlete of the Year. She continues to enjoy running in her free time.