Greta Dornbirer

Greta Dornbirer

Admissions Counselor
Indiana, Ohio
The friendships I have developed during my time at Hillsdale and the community I have been a part of and contributed to have truly been life-changing. Some of the most impactful conversations I had were follow-up conversations from class, whether with classmates or in office hours with professors, where we would delve deeply into what it means to live a good life and to be a good human being. Hillsdale's transformative education would not be possible without the students, faculty, and staff, who pour so much into each other and care about each other so deeply.
— Greta Dornbirer

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Greta grew up in rural central Ohio, where she was raised on a small farm and spent most of her time running around outdoors and learning to love good literature. After some prodding by her parents, she visited Hillsdale her junior year of high school and fell in love with the conversations had inside and outside of the classroom and the community of people who cared for each other in such a genuine way. Greta decided to major in English with a Classics minor because of her love for the way that literature exposes her to the highest truths of human nature at its best and worst. While a student at Hillsdale, she spent her time as a resident assistant, singing in choir or on worship teams on and off campus, working for the K-12 Education office, leading various Bible studies, sitting in coffee shops drinking a lot of coffee, and chatting with anyone and everyone who would reciprocate. She is so grateful for the friendships she formed at Hillsdale and the way that Hillsdale has challenged her and shaped her into who she is today.