Joel Haines

Admissions Counselor
Northern California (Zip Codes 93601-96162), Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah
I love Hillsdale because it taught me to love the right things and to live a well ordered life. I learned at Hillsdale how to work hard, take responsibility, and invest in others. Some of my favorite memories include a spring break trip to the Kentucky wilderness, studying children’s literature, brewing tons of coffee, and spending copious hours learning, exploring, and laughing with friends.
— Joel Haines

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Joel grew up in northern Indiana and spent his summers hiking and fishing near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Because of his love for the outdoors, he majored in biology as a Hillsdale student, but also spent time in the art studio pursuing a passion for drawing, photography, and sculpture. He discovered a deep love for engaging with fellow students in a campus job working at the Jitters coffee cart, and enjoyed Hillsdale student life, participating in dorm activities, campus events, football games, and intramural sports. His favorite classes included Classical Children’s Literature, Freshwater Biology, American Heritage, and Organic Chemistry.