Maddie Conover

Madeline Conover

Admissions Counselor
Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Hillsdale's Honor Code creates a campus culture of professors, staff, and students who seek to truly know the world and discover its complexities, who aim to work hard and grow in character, and who wish to cultivate true friendship. This tucked away campus gave me the gift of time: time to study fascinating ideas, time to make a lifetime's worth of inside jokes with the best people, time to reflect on who I was, and more importantly, time to reflect on who I could become.
— Madeline Conover

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Madeline graduated from Hillsdale College in 2018 with a double major in Spanish and politics. As a student, she was a member of the Spanish honorary, a resident assistant, intramural sports athlete, chamber choir alto, and a Pi Beta Phi. She remembers fondly her time abroad in Seville, Spain and hopes to visit thirty countries by the time she is thirty years old. Madeline represents Hillsdale regionally from Chicago, Illinois, but Michigan is her happy place, specifically on any lake with her Hillsdale best friends. She loves nineties rom-coms, honey lavender lattes from Rough Draft, and being an amateur interior designer, travel photographer, and book critic.