Sciences and Mathematics

Research in Magnetism

Physics 480, 481, 482, 483

This course involves an introduction to the magnetism of metals and alloys and magnetic impurities in these systems. In the first semester, 480, theoretical and experimental ideas will be discussed and demonstrated. The class will then carry out an experimental procedure for one alloy. In 481-483 the student will begin a series of his own measurements to contribute to the ongoing faculty-student research project. Four semesters of this work are possible. In addition, this work or a related area may be chosen as the subject for the senior thesis. This research is supported by an 8-Tesla superconducting magnet, a microbalance (0.1 micrograms), a low-temperature cryostat (3.8-300K), a helium leak detector and high-vacuum equipment. A machine shop and other departmental equipment support the research.