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Building upon the mission of Hillsdale Academy, a private co-educational K-12 school, the Hoogland Center for Teacher Excellence (CTE) expands the reach of Hillsdale College’s message of classical curricula and subject mastery to a nationwide audience of teachers. Seminars are open to middle- and high-school teachers.


The Purpose and Structure of the Constitution

Friday, November 12, 2021

Marriott DFW Airport South

4151 Centreport Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76155

Seating is limited; please register early.

A one-day seminar for middle and high school teachers of civics, social studies, and history. Participants will explore the purpose and structure of the Constitution. They will consider such questions as: What are the principles underlying the Constitution? Why is representation essential to constitutional government? What’s wrong with delegation? How is separation of powers supposed to work, and how does it work today? Lectures and discussions will be led by three Hillsdale College faculty members:

  • Dr. Adam Carrington, Associate Professor of Politics
  • Will Morrisey, Professor Emeritus of Politics
  • Dr. Kevin Portteus, Lawrence Fertig Professor of Politics

This seminar is entirely free of charge.
(Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.)

All participants will receive:

• books to supplement the lectures;
• a pocket copy of the Constitution;
• a certificate of attendance.

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or call (866) 824-6831




The Charles R. and Kathleen K. Hoogland Center for Teacher Excellence

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Phone: (866) 824-6831 or (517) 607-2491

Past Seminars

Over thirty-six hundred public, private, and homeschool teachers from 42 states have participated in the seminar series in American civics education. The CTE has conducted over 70 seminars in fifteen states. Seminar topics include the following:

  • Teaching the Declaration of Independence
  • Teaching the Constitution of the United States
  • George Washington and the American Founding
  • The First Amendment, Religious Liberty, and the American Founding
  • Economics and the American Founding
  • Teaching Lincoln and the Civil War
  • Teaching the American Civil Rights Movement
  • The Cold War: Understanding America’s Clash with Communism
  • Economics and the Environment
  • Life, Liberty, and Property: Globalization and the Commercial Republic
  • Progressives and the American Regime
  • Winston Churchill and the Virtues of Statesmanship
  • Free Markets and the Constitution

Past Speakers

The civics seminars feature distinguished Hillsdale College faculty members including:

  • Dr. Adam Carrington
  • Dr. Bradley Birzer
  • Dr. Burton Folsom
  • Dr. David Raney
  • Dr. Gary Wolfram
  • Dr. John Grant
  • Dr. Kevin Portteus
  • Dr. Kevin Slack
  • Dr. Larry Arnn, President
  • Dr. Mark Kalthoff
  • Dr. Matthew Spalding
  • Dr. Michael Clark
  • Dr. Mickey Craig
  • Dr. Paul Moreno
  • Dr. Paul Rahe
  • Dr. Robert Eden
  • Dr. Ronald Pestritto
  • The Hon. Stephen Markman
  • Dr. Thomas West
  • Dr. Will Morrisey

Hillsdale College Online Courses

  • Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution
  • Constitution 102: The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism
  • History 101: Western Heritage–From the Book of Genesis to John Locke
  • History 102: American Heritage–From Colonial Settlement to the Reagan Revolution
  • Economics 101: The Principles of Free Market Economics
  • The Federalist Papers
  • A Proper Understanding of K-12 Education: Theory and Practice
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