Nimrod Education Center

Nimrod Education Center

Announcing a Groundbreaking New Educational Program

To promote the natural sciences both at Hillsdale College and throughout the country, Mr. Alan Taylor, president of the Nimrod Society, has made a generous gift to establish and endow the Nimrod Center for Education in Areas of Consumptive Sport and Recreational Hunting and Fishing, known simply as the Nimrod Education Center. It will educate the public about the societal benefits of consumptive sports such as hunting and fishing.

The Natural Sciences at Hillsdale

Since its founding in 1844, Hillsdale College has been interested in what our country’s Founders called the “laws of nature and of nature’s God.” These laws concern not only the human things, but all things in nature. They govern both the physical and the moral universe. Hillsdale’s Articles of Association state that the College will offer a “literary, scientific, and theological” education “outstanding among American colleges.” The study of the natural sciences remains an essential component of Hillsdale’s liberal arts education. All Hillsdale students are required to take courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics as part of the College’s rigorous core curriculum.

The Nimrod Society

The Nimrod Society is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit foundation aimed at encouraging state and federal wildlife management and conservation agencies to adopt self-sustaining revenue models to fund ongoing, comprehensive media based education campaigns targeted at the general public.The Nimrod Society was formed in 2003 and refers to the biblical name of Nimrod, the founder of several ancient cities and known as “a mighty hunter before the Lord” (Genesis: 10:8-12). For more information, visit

John A. Halter Shooting Sports Center
September 27, 2018

Partnership with Hillsdale College

The Nimrod Education Center will operate as part of Hillsdale College’s Natural Sciences Division and Biology Department. It will be led by the Nimrod Education Center Faculty Chair in Consumptive Sport Activities, soon to be appointed. The Center may also employ an academic faculty and administrative staff to conduct and oversee its activities.

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Educational Outreach

Educational activities of the Nimrod Education Center will include:

  • academic courses in the areas of wildlife management and consumptive sport
  • continuing education programs, seminars, and conferences on wildlife management and consumptive sport
  • scholarships for Hillsdale College students with experience or seeking experience in the consumptive sporting activities of hunting and fishing
  • grants to other educational and tax-exempt organizations to help them develop academic curricula and materials that advance the purpose of the Nimrod Education Center
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The Nimrod Education Center will operate from Hillsdale College’s main campus and satellite campuses. The Nimrod Education Center will be able to use the College’s many existing facilities to conduct its activities, including the G. H. Gordon Biological Station and the John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center.