Corinne Langford

Corinne Noelle Langford

Costume Designer
The goal of the costume designer is to let the audience know who that character is before they even open their mouth on stage. It’s not just throwing something on somebody. As people, we choose things for certain reasons. Maybe it makes us feel good about ourselves, maybe it has a certain style. As a costume designer, I get to do that for characters and concepts and try to convey those things.
— Corinne Langford

Faculty Information

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B.S. in Theatre Design and Technology, ​Concentration in Costume Design and Technology, University of Michigan – Flint

M.F.A. in Theatre, Technical Design and Production, ​Concentration in Costume Design and Technology, The University of Memphis


United States Institute for Theatre Technology, ​2015 – Present

Southeastern Theatre Conference, ​2015 – Present

Costume People, ​2016 – Present

Theatre Communications Group, 2018 – Present

Awards and Nominations

Nominee, Best Makeup and Wig Design​, ​The Ostrander Theatre Awards (Memphis, TN) 2015

Nominee, Best Costume Design​, ​The Ostrander Theatre Awards (Memphis, TN) 2015


She Did What?! Female Contributions to Theatre History​, ​SETC 2015

Professional Design Credit

Desoto Family Theatre, South Haven, MS

New Moon Theatre Co., Memphis, TN

Hampton Players at Hampton University, Hampton, VA

Other Professional Costume Work

Tennessee Shakespeare Co.

Opera Theatre St. Louis

Opera Memphis

University of Memphis Opera


I am Corinne Noelle Langford, the costume designer and a theatre lecturer at Hillsdale College. I make and design the vast majority of costumes you’ll find on stage here with the Theatre Department, and I teach some design classes, too.

The reason I find myself in education is that I have always had a strong desire to work with students and help foster their love of theatre. I think theatre is one of those few bastions of refuge for experiencing something together as a community.

By introducing students to theatre and sharing my passion for it, I hope students will remain involved, whether they continue on in the field or choose to make it a pastime.

I believe that costuming engages the head, hands, and heart. Costumes can contain an impression of the character, the way color and line effect emotion. We costume designers and technicians use our hands in makeup and costume design as well as in construction of costumes and millinery (and so much more). We use our minds in the analysis of scripts, using a costume designer’s eye. This costume designing is a holistic thing. I just love it!

When I am not buried under bolts of fabric, you can find me modding or playing video games, painting miniatures for my D&D games, or playing with my wonderful, fabulous cats.