Daniel Coupland

Daniel Coupland

Chairman and Professor of Education Department
“As a friend once told me, good teaching is the overflow of a full life. In my classes, I therefore try to fill my students’ lives with as much goodness, truth, and beauty as I can.”
— Daniel Coupland

Faculty Information

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B.A. in Spanish, Liberty University, 1994
M.A. in Linguistics, Oakland University, 1999
Ph.D. in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy, Michigan State University, 2003


Society for Classical Learning
Phi Kappa Phi


2013 – Hillsdale College “Professor of the Year”
2016 – Resident Scholar at the C. S. Lewis Study Centre in Oxford, England
2017 – Hillsdale College Emily Daugherty Award for Teaching Excellence


Barney Charter School Initiative
Institute for Classical Education


Well-Ordered Language: The Curious Child’s Guide to Grammar by Tammy Peters and Daniel B. Coupland

Scholarship Interests

English Grammar Pedagogy
Classic Children’s Literature
C. S. Lewis
Classical Education – Teacher Preparation
Classical Education – Pedagogy

Courses Taught

EDU 101: English Grammar
EDU 401: Liberal Arts Teacher Apprenticeship
EDU 403: Explicit Phonics Reading Instruction
EDU 404: Classic Children’s Literature
HON 258: Pirates!
HON 259: Return to Narnia


Dr. Daniel B. Coupland is a professor and chairman of the Education Department at Hillsdale College, and he formerly served as the dean of faculty at Hillsdale. He earned a B.A. in Spanish from Liberty University, an M.A. in Linguistics from Oakland University, and a Ph.D. in Education from Michigan State University. He began his career in education as a high school teacher. At Hillsdale College, he teaches courses on English grammar and classic children’s literature. In 2013, Dr. Coupland was named Hillsdale College’s “Professor of the Year.” In 2016, he was a Resident Scholar at the C. S. Lewis Study Centre in Oxford, England. In 2017, Dr. Coupland received the Emily Daugherty Award for Teaching Excellence. He is the former editor for the Journal of the Society for Classical Learning. He currently serves as an advisor to the Barney Charter School Initiative, and he sits on the advisory board for the Institute for Classical Education. His research focuses on classic children’s literature and English grammar instruction. He is a co-author of an English grammar curriculum titled Well-Ordered Language: The Curious Child’s Guide to Grammar published by Classical Academic Press.