Ian Walsh

Ian M. Walsh

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
“When we pursue science, we are able to ‘think God’s thoughts after him.’”
— Johannes Kepler

Faculty Information

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Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame

B.S. in Biochemistry, University of Washington

Courses Taught

CHM 101: Great Principles of Chemistry

CHM 502: Physical Chemistry I

CHM 503: Physical Chemistry II


I began my teaching career at Hillsdale College in 2019. It has been an amazing experience full of students and faculty who take education seriously. Chemistry is an important component of the liberal arts as we live in a world made of chemicals. Understanding the laws those chemicals obey informs us about how we should interact with them and the world as a whole.

My research interests involve the processes by which genetic information is converted from DNA into properly folded, fully functional proteins. I am specifically interested in how the codons encoded by DNA may impact the production and folding of protein in cells.

As a professor, I seek to guide students to discover the wonders of chemistry, ranging from discussing atomic theory with non-science majors to quantum mechanics with future chemists. We follow in the path of great scientists like Newton, Lewis, and Schrödinger to understand and appreciate their ideas for ourselves.