Kevin Gerstle

Kevin Gerstle

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
“I find math fascinating because it allows for both objective truth and creativity in how we can seek out answers. Contrary to popular opinion, there‘s always more than one way to solve interesting problems in math – how we choose to search for these answers can take on a variety of approaches such as simulation, proof by contradiction, and induction.”
— Kevin Gerstle

Faculty Information

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B.A. in Psychology and Mathematics, Kenyon College, 2011

M.S. in Mathematics, University of Iowa, 2013

Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Iowa, 2016


Mathematical Association of America

Kappa Mu Epsilon


Incorporating Meaningful Reflection into Calculus Assignments. PRIMUS 29(1), (2019), 71-81.

Studying Harmonic Measure through Brownian Motion Simulation and Teleportation (with M. Schaum), in proceedings of Midstates Conference for Undergraduate Research in Computer Science and Mathematics, 2017.

Project-Based Learning in Undergraduate Complex Analysis, in preparation.

Courses Taught

MTH 112: Integrated Calculus I-A
MTH 120: Calculus I
MTH 220: Calculus II
MTH 320: Multivariable Calculus
MTH 360: Non-Euclidean Geometry
MTH 375: Game Theory
MTH 393: Discrete Mathematics
MTH 405: Complex Analysis
MTH 410: Abstract Algebra


I have been an assistant professor in the Mathematics Department since the fall of 2018. Before coming to Hillsdale, I was a visiting professor at Oberlin College, a mathematics TA at the University of Iowa, and a Chinese TA at Kenyon College.

I chose to enter math professionally after spending a summer in college researching Brownian motion and its connections to geometry. This experience helped me build a passion for taking a problem, exploring it with several different approaches, then coming up with a conclusive answer that takes these different perspectives into account. Come by and say hello sometime!