Economics, Business, and Accounting

Susan J. King

Professor of Marketing
People don’t buy a quarter-inch drill bit, they buy a quarter-inch hole. You’ve got to study the hole, not the drill. The drill is just the solution for it.
— Theodore Levitt

Faculty Information

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B.S., Miami University, 1978
M.B.A., Miami University, 1980

Associations & Memberships

Alpha Mu Alpha – Marketing honorary
American Marketing Association – Member
Southern Utah Advertising Federation – Past member
Delta Epsilon Chi – Faculty advisor (2005-2007)
Students in Free Enterprise – Faculty advisor (2007-2008)
Hillsdale Chamber of Commerce

Courses Taught

BUS 215 – Introduction to Marketing
BUS 315 – Principles of Marketing
BUS 452 – Marketing Management
BUS 459 – Advertising
BUS 516 – Marketing Research
BUS 597 – Small Business Seminar

Conferences, Research, & Publications

King, S., Suntornpithug, N. “Permission Marketing: Marketing Communications, Customer Response and Sales Effectiveness,” presented at the 2007 Marketing Management Association Conference, Chicago, Illinois, March 2007.

King, S., Suntornpithug, N. “Permission Marketing: Email’s Off-Line Sales Response,” presented at the 2008 ASBBS Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 2008.

King, S., Suntornpithug, N., and Suntornpithug, P., “Hiring Managers’ Perceptions of Online College Courses and Degrees,” presented at The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines Conference, Orlando, Florida, January 2011.

Research Award, The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, Orlando, Florida, January 3-6, 2011.

King, S., Suntornpithug, N., “An Empirical Study Investigating Customer Engagement in E-mail Marketing,” presented at the 2016 International Conference on Innovations in Business and Management, Singapore, June 2016.

King, S., Suntornpithug, N., “Green Marketing: Millennials’ Perceptions of Environmentally Friendly Consumer Packaged Goods Products,” International Conference on Literature, History, Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies, Bangkok, Thailand, July 2017.


I am often asked how marketing courses fit into Hillsdale’s liberal arts philosophy. Marketing, perhaps more than other business course work, embraces many liberal arts disciplines linking topics in history, economics, psychology and politics to illustrate how and why markets form and react. Demonstrating the intersection of marketing with other disciplines makes the educational experience for students more meaningful and relevant to their individual courses of study.