An Interview with Andrea Clark

Hillsdale College has become far more selective in its admissions process over the course of the last few years. As more and more applications come in each year, simple statistics dictate that the College must turn a larger number of students away. As prospective students seek to make themselves appear as qualified as possible for […]

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Jacob Mueller, Entrepreneur

Jacob Mueller is a 2013 graduate of Hillsdale’ Economics program.

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Return of the Charger Golf Team

In 1978, Hillsdale had a golf team, but it was discontinued due to logistical concerns. Now, it’s coming back.

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Keynesian can be Confusing

Confusing. After watching the Economics 101 Week 8 lecture, this might have been your reaction. But then again, government intervention in the economy is always perplexing and complicated. Buying and selling bonds to change the money supply, or changing the amount the banks must hold in reserve are powerful tools the government has to affect […]

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From Haiti to Hillsdale

Kathryn, a current Hillsdale College freshman who spent the past year working at an orphanage in Haiti and preparing for missionary work in France, is a very unique member of the class of 2017. Although she was hesitant about coming to college, Kathryn knew Hillsdale was the right place for her to develop the skills […]

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Poet Visits Campus in Late Friend’s Honor

During his visit, Dr. Middleton delivered a lecture on seriousness and humor in poetry and conducted a small workshop on ekphrastic poetry.

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Leah Reed

Leah Reed is a junior English major, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, and a lifetime resident of Hillsdale, Michigan. Leah has been in DC this fall participating in the Washington Hillsdale Internship Program (WHIP).

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The Endless Opportunties of DC ‘Registration’

No matter your major or your interest, you can join the ranks of Hillsdale students studying ‘abroad’ in DC and apply for a semester or summer of WHIP.

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Economics 101

Hillsdale has recently added Economics 101 to its online course list. The free course consists of ten lectures given by Dr. Wolfram and by Dr. Arnn.

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