Welcome, Class of 2019!

Welcome to Hillsdale! We’re excited to meet you and to usher you into the tradition of education at Hillsdale College. It’s impossible to know exactly what your time at Hillsdale will look like, but I can assure you that it will be full of surprising challenges and blessings.

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What is the Freshman Pledge?

As an incoming student to Hillsdale College, the freshman pledge was a commitment to principles I already understood to be a crucial part of a liberal arts education. Hillsdale freshmen come to college with educational and moral standards already set in their lives. The freshman pledge does not contain concepts that are foreign to incoming students, and it is not for the sake of keeping students in line; it serves a greater purpose.

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Beyond the Gate

I barely remember taking the Freshman Pledge during the Convocation ceremony at the beginning of the year. I do, however, remember the Convocation addresses given by seniors Morgan Delp and Matthew O’Sullivan. They spoke glowingly of Hillsdale, saying it was something special, sharing the types of guaranteed-to-please happy memories that one would expect to hear at an event attended by new students and parents, but nonetheless speaking earnestly and without any sentimental fluff.

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Pursuing Goodness, Truth, and Beauty

My four years at Hillsdale College taught me the importance of living a life in pursuit of what is good, true, and beautiful. Countless classes, lectures, and conversations reinforced these ideas by preserving them among a haven of students and professors.

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The Truth, Goodness, and Beauty of Life as a Hillsdale Student

“The pursuit of truth, the love of the good, and the cultivation of the beautiful.” This is what every Hillsdale student promises to pursue when he or she takes the Freshman Pledge. The true, the good, and the beautiful are what Hillsdale is all about.

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Hillsdal-ology: Ten Terms You’ll Hear on Campus

Listen up freshmen! Hillsdale’s unique culture has given rise to the development of a quirky vocabulary. Here are ten words and phrases that you might hear around campus.

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Things Not to Bring to College

Moving at any point in your life is stressful, but moving from home to college is possibly the most daunting experience. I believe this is because no one really knows exactly what one may, or may not, need. Being a senior at Hillsdale College, and having moved nearly every semester, I now find myself a master of moving. For the new freshman on campus, here are some brings and do-not-brings.

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