Economics: What Can I DO with That?

What are you hoping to get out of your time in college? A piece of paper? Knowledge? A job?

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The Top 5 Ways to Stay Organized While Job Hunting

Job hunting is hard, plain and simple. Throw in a full academic course load, competing extracurricular activities and pretty soon you feel like the juggling flame thrower in the Ringling Bros. Circus. That is why you need to approach job hunting with a clear organizational strategy. You are going to be visiting multiple websites, filling […]

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Six Personal Finance Things Every College Graduate Should Be Able To Do

Money. It’s something most college students have very little of, and something we dream of having more of. We live in a society that often gives mixed messages about how we should view and use money, but the truth is quite simple. Putting the truth into practice – well, that may be a different story. […]

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Benzing Dorm Easter Eggstravaganza

Saturday, March 28th, the Benzing Resident Assistants (RAs) hosted an Easter Breakfast event which they referred to as the “Benzing Dorm Eggstravaganza.”

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Study Abroad | Emily Goodling

Emily Goodling graduated from Hillsdale College in 2014 as a double-major in German and Classics. She is now getting her master’s degree in Comparative Literature in Mainz, Germany, as a DAAD scholarship holder. When she isn’t studying like a responsible graduate student, she is usually photographing some political protest or another, geeking out about German […]

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Musical Notes: Behind the Scenes with the Tower Players

The Drowsy Chaperone ran from February 25 to March 1 to record-breaking crowds. Though only a five-day run, the musical took two months of dancing, singing, and blocking to get ready for opening night. The story follows showgirl Janet van de Graaff as she gives up her life of glamour to marry Robert Martin…despite the interference of disguised gangsters, an irate producer, and a case of mistaken French identity.

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8 Poetry-Writing Tips

Dr. Kearney’s Contemporary Christian Poetry class had the opportunity to chat over the phone with Andrew Hudgins, a modern-day poet. Dr. Kearney’s students, myself included, have been working on composing their own poem sequences and were able to ask Mr. Hudgins for writing advice and inquire into his own compositional practices.

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The Writing Life

By Tyler Blanski “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” – Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows I am a published writer, it’s true: but that does not mean I am a good writer—just read anything I’ve had published! For example, in […]

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Winston Churchill Day

The ties between Hillsdale College and Winston Churchill run deep. Dr. Larry Arnn, the President of Hillsdale College, and his wife, Penny, spent their early years working on the Churchill Project with Sir Martin Gilbert, doing research for the official Churchill narrative biography and accompanying documents. Since the death of Sir Martin Gilbert earlier this year, Hillsdale College has officially taken responsibility for The Churchill Project.

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Top Reading Spots on Campus – Alfresco Edition

Dr. Dwight Lindley, one of Hillsdale’s assistant English professors, remarks on some of his favorite spots to read on campus, all of which are in the great outdoors.

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Big Win for Literature Fans

While the rest of the world and Simpson Residence followed March Madness, many students kept tabs on a different bracket game—Mossey Madness.

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Colorful Eats Nutrition | Caroline Potter ’12

During her junior year of college, Caroline Cheatum was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, an auto-immune disease. Although she was, for all everyone knew, a healthy 20-year-old, she lost all her energy, felt sick, and fainted several times. On top of that, her participation in the Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program meant that she had to balance an internship, […]

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