A Reflection On My First Year

I came to Hillsdale only knowing one other student, and that student didn’t live on campus. I was really on my own. Except I wasn’t.

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From Interviewer to Interviewee

It’s a funny thing when the interviewer turns into the interviewee. That’s what happened when I walked into Dr. Robert Blackstock’s office last year to ask him a couple of questions for a Collegian article.

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Connecting Constitution 101 With Biochemistry

As a biochemistry student looking at a very probable research career, and as a conservative against excessive government spending, Dr. Slack’s lecture raised some interesting questions for me.

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When the Exam Ends

“So, do you have any questions for me?” I was putting on my backpack, about to leave a French oral exam. A little surprised, I saw that Madame Theobald was giving me an encouraging smile.

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Psychology and the Liberal Arts

Dr. Collin Barnes’s interview at Hillsdale was by far his most difficult for an academic position, though he’d completed a few. The questions were unusually stimulating, not simply testing his knowledge of psychology but his ability to place his knowledge into a much larger context. Four years later, Dr. Barnes is not only better equipped to answer those questions but has become fascinated by the pursuit of understanding them.

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Pursuing Artistry In Literature And Dance

At first glance, dancing and book editing have very little in common, but sophomore Rachel Watson has found a connection. Rachel has been dancing since she was five and is pursuing Hillsdale’s dance minor, but she is also studying English and minoring in Greek, as she aspires to be an editor for young-adult books.

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Numbers and Notes

Hannah Andrews is a junior math major, a member of the Kappa Mu Epsilon math honorary, and co-founder and president of Hillsdale’s Actuarial Club, the discipline combining math and statistical methods to assess risks in investing and finance.

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Exploring the Higher Ideas Through Politics and Mathematics

A Spotlight on Sarah Onken, ’16. Although Sarah Onken came to love politics and mathematics through different paths, her time at Hillsdale has allowed her to have a greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of what most people see as disparate fields.

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Learning from Upperclassmen

Following a campus lecture on esotericism last year, freshman Morgan Brownfield entered into a small-group discussion that involved her roommate, an upperclassman, and a professor. What she learned was that she had no idea what they were talking about. Fortunately, junior Chris McCaffrey turned to her and explained the foreign concepts so that she could participate in the conversation.

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