Taking the Hillsdale Conversation to the Real World

Hillsdale College approaches education differently than other institutions. Provost Dr. David Whalen says it best when he says: we’re in a different conversation from most other colleges.

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Why Hillsdalians Balk at the Workplace

On Hillsdale’s campus, “The Workplace” can be one of those conversation topics that causes fidgeting and aversion of eyes.

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The Source For Dummies

The Source opens all kinds of doors for students, be they freshmen or seniors, so long as they know what to look for. Here are ten tips to help make your experience at The Source a great one.

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Gateway to Hillsdale

This weekend I’ll be making a poster, and I won’t be alone. The Source is upon us, and returning students all over campus will leave their rooms halfway unpacked and get to work turning blank poster boards into works of art—or at least engaging advertisements—for Tuesday’s big event.

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We’re All In This Together

College can be difficult. Let me rephrase that: college will be difficult. But you’re not alone.

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The Beauty of Manual Labor

Even the most intellectual among us slip into the gratifying world of manual labor now and again when we think no one is looking. There is something to this refuge in the physical that cannot be ignored.

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Bonding Over Frozen Vegetables

On my first day of college, I met one of my best friends. While that’s not an entirely unusual story, how I met her is. I had just moved in, my parents had just left, and the overwhelming first day of “freshman” was almost over, when I heard a knock on my door. There stood a tall blonde girl holding a carrot and a knife. The first words out of her mouth were: “Would you like a piece of frozen carrot?”

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Making the Most of Your Summer Work Experience

Reflective writing gives you an opportunity to clarify your thoughts, gain further insight into your experience, and ultimately define the value of your summer work.

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To Bring or Not To Bring

As move-in day draws closer, so does the time to accomplish the looming and possibly stressful task of packing. You’ve never done this before, and there is a fine balance between minimalist- and over-packer. Having gone through the move to college for the first time last year, I learned a lot that will make your first packing experience much easier.

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Stay Mighty Awesome

At the end of every Greek or Latin quiz, classics professor Joseph Garnjobst encourages his students—his “mighty warriors” and “stout, noble Romans”—to check the awesome box. The last words on the quiz: “Stay mighty. Stay awesome. Stay mighty awesome.”

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Music Brings Us Together

Music has graced the halls of Hillsdale College from the very beginning in 1844. Whether part of the orchestra, various ensembles, or Michigan’s oldest collegiate choir, almost thirty percent of the Hillsdale College student body participates in music activities at some level — making it something that brings us together.

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Marine Biology Summer Session

Every summer, the biology department conducts a class in the Florida Keys dedicated to the study of shallow, subtropical marine environments.

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