Commencement and Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day falls on the Sunday right after graduation. I asked a few graduating seniors to tell me about their moms and what they wanted their moms to know on this Commencement and Mother’s Day.

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Part-Time Student, Full-Time Mom

“I never set out to be a mom,” senior Dani Adams said. “Never in my wildest dreams did I figure I would get married and have kids, much less while I was in college.”

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Behind Good Men Are Great Moms

When I consider the many tasks and habits I perform from day to day, I realize the profound impact of my mother’s consistent love and instruction. As I asked other guys to share the impact their mothers have had on them, I was moved by the importance mothers hold across Hillsdale’s campus.

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Professing the Love of Motherhood

Students look up to their professors as a main source of inspiration and support while they’re away from home. This admiration is clear when students talk about the kindness and care they receive from Academic Counselor and Lecturer in Business Christy Maier and Assistant Professor of Psychology Jeri Little.

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My Alma Mater

My mother used to spend hours in the afternoon reading aloud to my siblings and me. With her feet propped up on a tower of story books that she had plundered from the local library, she would gather all six of us around her lap to see the pictures as she read story after story until one or all of us fell asleep.

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The Collegian Mom

When Maria Servold, assistant director of the Dow Journalism Program and Hillsdale ’10 alumna, leaves her two daughters for work, her oldest likes to pretend to go with her. “She’ll put her backpack and shoes on and say, ‘Bye, bye, work,’ and stand at the window and wave,” Mrs. Servold said of two-and-a-half-year-old Evelyn.

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Motherhood: A Great Work

Elizabeth Schlueter, wife of Dr. Nathan Schlueter and mother to eight children, is a vibrant woman with a keen vision of motherhood. The following are Elizabeth’s thoughts on the goodness and importance of homemaking and mothering.

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A Shared Gift: When Siblings’ Time at Hillsdale Overlaps

Faith Liebing is a senior, and her sister Abby is a freshman. Both see their one year together at Hillsdale College as a great gift.

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Why I Chose Hillsdale: Josh Bailey

Ambitious and dedicated to serving my country, I had no thought of Hillsdale College as a seventeen-year-old senior in high school. No, I was going to the US Naval Academy.

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