A Portrait of a Freshman: Elsa Lagerquist

Written by Katie Beemer

Elsa Lagerquist is a freshman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, majoring in Art. She is a member of the Hillsdale College Honors Program, and she participates in Orchestra, Swing Dance Club, and Ballroom Club.

*  *  *

What drew you to Hillsdale College?

I came to Hillsdale because I care a lot about liberty, and I really loved the environment here—a lot of people who really care about learning. I was also really excited that a school like this had an Art major. Hillsdale also has the liberal arts education, which means that I get to pursue interests in so many other areas in addition to art. I very much appreciate Hillsdale’s commitment to positive, beautiful art.

You’re a member of the Honors Program. What has been the best part of that experience?

Aside from all of the incredible opportunities, the best part has been the community. I’m so thankful for being in the Honors Program because the second I arrived on campus, I was surrounded by other freshmen and upperclassmen to bond with. It’s great to be surrounded by people who are in the same position you are, a freshman, but it’s also incredibly helpful and wonderful to have relationships with older, more experienced students.

Do you have any advice for next year’s freshmen based off what you have learned so far?

Don’t let the first month or two slip through your fingers. Get into a routine as quickly as you can. Otherwise, it’s just going to fly past, and you’re not going to know where time went.

Katie Beemer is a freshman majoring in Politics. She is a member of the Hillsdale College Honors Program, and she is on the executive team of A Few Good Men. Katie also writes for The Collegian.