street in D.C.

A Full Day at Work… And then Class

Written by Aubrey Neal

Today, we got our first taste of what WHIP will really entail. After a full day of work, with most of us getting off at 5 p.m. and then making about a 30 minute commute back to the apartment to scarf down some dinner, we all piled around a conference table in the Kirby Center’s library by 6:30. It was a rush, but we all (barely) made it.

The class that will be filling up our Thursday nights from now on is America and the World since 1945, instructed by Hillsdale’s very own Dr. Paul Moreno. After having him as my Western Heritage and American Heritage professor freshman year, sitting in a class instructed by him while having the sounds of D.C. outside the window behind me is surreal. Kirby Center, as our study parlor, class building, and home base, really does act like a Hillsdale oasis here in this busy city, where it seems so easy for people to add and drop loyalties like they do business cards. Class will be a challenge here (without a doubt), but it will also be a blessing because it gives all the D.C. Hillsdale students an opportunity to see each other and be reminded of what is happening back in southern Michigan without us.

Aubrey Neal is a junior at Hillsdale College, majoring in Political Economy. She is currently a participant in the Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program, interning in the public policy department at FreedomWorks. Originally from the mountains of Northern Idaho, Aubrey is excited to share her numerous new experiences and opportunities from the capitol with Hillsdale and its supporters.