Dr. David Whalen teaching a class.

The Hillsdale College High School Study Abroad Program

Written by Rachael Kurtz

Over the summer the last thing any student wants to do is go back to class. It doesn’t matter if they love Literature, History, or Politics; no one wants to fill their only warm, summer days of freedom in a classroom listening to a professor drone on – right? Not if they’re a student in The Hillsdale College High School Study Abroad program!

Every summer, Hillsdale College draws High School Juniors, Seniors, and incoming College Freshmen to our summer study-abroad courses. Through these programs, exceptional students spend up to three days at Hillsdale’s campus attending lectures and studying. Immediately following their time on campus, they travel abroad to see the places they just learned about, guided by the same professors that taught the classroom session.

Here are a few highlights of participating in Hillsdale’s High School study abroad program:

  1. The College Credit. Let’s be honest – most of you wouldn’t give up your summer to learn without some sort of incentive. The three college credits that you earn for taking one of Hillsdale’s Study Abroad programs can save time later. You might be able to use the credits to get out of elective courses later in college and it could even help you graduate early.
  2. The Hillsdale College Staff and Faculty. Not only are you earning credits, you have world-renown experts teaching you. Hillsdale College has intelligent and inspiring professors who teach these study abroad courses because it is their passion. Their enthusiasm for these subjects is obvious and infectious.
  3. The Travel. After a long three days in a classroom looking at pictures of Europe or D.C. and studying its vast history and politics, the feeling you get when you finally see the culture in person is a once in a lifetime experience. The fact that you have a professor with you to explain the importance of the artifacts seamlessly binds the information that you learn in the classroom to the experience of seeing the culture. It really is an unsurpassable learning experience.

Now that you know the highlights of the Hillsdale College High School Study Abroad experience, make the leap and explore the literature, culture, and education!

Rachael Kurtz is a senior at Hillsdale College who is majoring in Financial Management and minoring in Mathematics. She is on the Hillsdale College Varsity Swim Team, a member of Chi Omega women’s fraternity, and volunteers as a student HOST.