Daniel Coupland

Summer Reading List – Dr. Daniel Coupland

Compiled by Victoria Barry

  1. The Shepherd Psalm (1976) by F. B. Meyer
    “My dad gave me this short book on Psalm 23 from his own library. The author, a Brit., was a friend of D. L. Moody, the American evangelist. The book is giving me an opportunity to look at a well-known (and well-loved) Psalm with fresh eyes.”
  2. Praying the Lord’s Prayer (2007) by J. I. Packer
    “Meyer’s book (see above) got me in the mood to re-examine things I thought I knew well. Packer’s book seemed like a good way to re-examine the Lord’s Prayer.”
  3. On Stories and Other Essays on Literature (1966) by C. S. Lewis
    “I have read parts of the book, but I have never read it as a whole. I didn’t think I should let another summer go by without doing so.”
  4. Past Watchful Dragons: The Origin, Interpretation, and Appreciation of the Chronicles of Narnia (1971) by Walter Hooper
    “Although I am reading On Stories by Lewis, I still need to satisfy my desire to know more about Narnia in particular, especially after a stellar graduation speech by Michael Ward (Planet Narnia is excellent). Walter Hooper, Lewis’ personal assistant around the time of his death, gives readers an insider’s view of Lewis’ magical world.”
  5. Wolf Story (1947) by William McCleery
    “The Coupland family received this book as a gift.  Apparently, none of us has ever read it. I plan to change that.”
  6. D’Aulaires’ Book of Norse Myths (1967) by Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire
    “Lewis, Tolkien, and other people who I respect were experts on Norse mythology, a subject I know surprisingly little about. Thor, Loki, and Odin? Yes. (I watched both Thor movies.) But what about Balder, Frigg, Sif, Heimdall, Njord, Frey, and Freya? And what about Yddrasil, the Valkyries, Valhalla, and Ragnarokk? Nobody does it better than the d’Aulaires.”

All answers compiled by Victoria Barry. Ms. Barry ’16 is majoring in English with a minor in Classical Education. She participates in Hillsdale’s Catholic Society, volunteers at Mary Randall Preschool, and is the vice-president of the A.A. Milne Society.