Golf team practice

Joe Torres – Michigan Open 2015


Today, sophomore Finance major Joe Torres will be playing in the third round Michigan’s oldest and most prestigious professional golf tournament, the Michigan Open. He’s currently tied at 11th place with Brian Cairns from Fox Hills Learning Center. This tournament is made up of about 130 athletes from the state of Michigan. Joe is among a handful of college players, who made the 36 hole cut and will compete in the last days of the tournament.

During high school, Torres was one of the top 5 players in his D3 high school, but had a steep learning curve when he came to college – in more ways than one. In the fall of his freshman year, he struggled, but by the spring he was one of the top players on the team. Quiet, unassuming, yet “tougher than a rat sandwich,” as Mike Harner, Hillsdale’s golf coach and Chief of Staff said, Torres has risen to the challenges of being at Hillsdale College. He has learned to stand his ground, uphold the honor code, and work harder than he’s ever had to.