Student Meeting Career Professional

Key Takeaways from the Living & Working Trips

Written by Claire Freier

Over fall break, Career Services took over 25 students to Chicago and Washington D.C. to live, work, and explore the cities. From touring the best places to live as a young professional to networking with Hillsdale alums, these trips focused on career and personal development in a fast-paced environment. Here are three takeaways from this awesome opportunity:

  1. Always have a notebook and a pen.
    This tip comes from Google employees who often meet with and recruit recent graduates. Professionals really do notice if you’re writing things down – even if you don’t think it’s too interesting – because it shows organization, responsibility, and an interest in the subject. Next time you go to any Career Fair or interview make sure you bring some paper and a writing utensil because you never know when you’ll need to write down someone’s email or an important date.
  2. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.
    Even if you know that the workplace you’ll be visiting is casual, it’s always smart to dress well. Not only does your outfit and cleanliness say something about you as a person but it also says something about the work you might do. It’s human nature to make instant judgments about other people, and what you’re wearing can definitely make or break a first impression.
  3. Ask intelligent questions.
    The questions you ask an alum or a possible employee do matter. Try to be as prepared as possible for job shadows, interviews, or scheduled networking events. Research the company, ask for a list of attendees, and think of some insightful questions to ask should the opportunity arise; it could set you apart from the crowd!

Want to learn more about the Living and Working trips or about Career Services in general? Check out our Facebook page @HillsaleCareerServices or come visit us in the Knorr Student Center (underneath the Old Snack Bar).