Reaching Beyond the Major

What happens when we don’t end up using our majors? This question can terrify a college student. If we had the power to perfectly plan our futures, we would work it out to where all the blood, sweat, and tears we invest in our majors would translate directly to our careers. Unfortunately, thanks to changing interests or shifting priorities, it usually doesn’t end up this way. However, even if our majors don’t always line up perfectly with our careers, they still lay important groundwork for our futures.

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Applying to an Internship: A Guide from an Intern Coordinator

Having gone from being an intern to being hired to manage my company’s internship program within the matter of a few months, I have been on both sides of the application process in recent history.

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Is Teaching for Me?

So, you want to go into teaching? I speak as one who has a miniscule amount of experience yet who can offer what wisdom I do have, along with the insights of teachers far greater than I.

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For the Aspiring Lawyer

Hillsdale Alumnus Paul Ray clerked for Justice Alito in the Supreme Court for a year. He provides three pieces of advice to students interested in a law career.

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Teaching English in Spain

The past two summers, junior Christina Dressel has put her Spanish major and speaking abilities to the test teaching English as a second language in Madrid, Spain.

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GOAL Program Experience Translates To Real World

Brianna Walden, class of 2014, majored in political economy and minored in music. Now she’s based in Washington, D.C., and has joined one of the largest conglomerates of Hillsdale alumni and students located outside of Michigan.

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Connecting Students and Alumni

Twenty-seven years later, Joanna Wiseley still remembers exactly what she wore when she interviewed to be the director of admissions for her alma mater, Hillsdale College. “I was a nervous wreck that day,” she laughs.

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From Mathematics to Mens Fashion

Looking back, Blake never imaged that he would eventually be running a men’s fashion startup. “In college, I was all over the place,” he laughs.

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Scott Lantis, ’13

Of all Scott’s experiences so far, standing on the sidelines as the Broncos won the AFC Championship against the New England Patriots was the best.

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Internship Spotlight: Emily Runge, ’16

Senior politics major Emily Runge interned in Washington, D.C., during the spring of 2015 at the Heritage Foundation in their Asian Studies Center, which is part of the Davis Foreign Policy Institute.

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Tips for Applying for Chemistry Grad Programs

Do as much research as you can and visit the places you are considering. Start at the top; don’t sell yourself short. Apply to a few “safe” schools, but do check out top-ranking universities.

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Internship Spotlight: Hana Bernhardson, ’17

Hana Bernhardson, ’17, is currently pursuing a major in exercise science and art. This summer, she interned with the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the American Heart Association.

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