Maran McLeod

Maran McLeod: CCA Formation and Friendship

For Maran McLeod, her job is all about people. As the lead CCA student assistant, Maran has had the opportunity to meet and talk with many important CCA guests, including donors, friends of the college, and even actresses. Striving to make guests’ visits as pleasant as possible, Maran serves as hostess in addition to helping with registration packets, cards, and meals. Such personal interaction with the guests has gained her cherished friendships. One guest in particular, she reflects, has offered her “great support and encouragement” and even worked with her on her resume.

As Maran observes, her and her fellow employees “are the face of the college at these events” and must therefore “represent the school well and be professional.” “It can be a high intensity job,” she adds, “but really fun as well. Every difficulty has only helped me to better learn how to work in a professional environment. Stressful situations have helped me become someone who works better under pressure.” Although she acknowledges that her responsibilities often can be stress-inducing, Maran realizes that “the skills I’m learning . . . combined with people skills are very applicable to what I would like to do professionally.”

After graduation Maran plans to be an arts administrator. Whether working with a theater, an opera, or some other fine arts corporation, she is particularly interested in company fundraising. Maran believes that her past three years of experience in the CCA office will prove beneficial in her future employment. She is grateful for the practical experience this job has offered her and the wonderful individuals she has met along the way. In this leadership position, Maran has “learned how to problem solve a little better, delegate tasks, divide and conquer” while forming “a community with guests and fellow workers. It’s a great event and it’s been a privilege.”