Wear In The World Is Hillsdale

“Wear” in the World is Hillsdale? Two Hillsdale Military Moms Share Their Stories

“In the spring of 2010, our son, Isaac Morgan, was on his first deployment to Afghanistan, and his sister Moriah was attending Hillsdale. While standing guard one day at the Bagram air base near Kabul, Isaac saw an Afghan man come through the gate wearing a Hillsdale College t-shirt! Though Isaac wanted to ask him about it, it was not the time or place for casual talk—more than once someone had tried to get through the gate wearing a suicide vest, and Isaac had to be alert. We will never know how that Hillsdale t-shirt found its way to Afghanistan, but it was a brief moment for Isaac to think of his sister and home.”

—Kaylene Morgan, mother of Moriah, ’12


“During a tour of the USS Hornet, one of the retired veteran tour guides saw my Hillsdale College sweatshirt, exclaimed over it, and gave me a hug. He couldn’t get over the fact he was talking to someone associated with Hillsdale. Although he read Imprimis and supported the school, he had never met anyone from the College. Even though I’m just a proud mom and live in California like he does, he was tickled to meet me. I usually get a wonderful response when I wear Hillsdale gear. I meet other like-minded people who love the College’s mission.”

—Michelle Lippincott, mother of U.S. Marine Josiah, ’16, and Jadon, ’19

Printed in the Spring 2018 Alumni Magazine