Students laughing at commencement

BCSI School Staff Spotlight—Mr. Bryce Horswell

What is your current position, graduation year, and major?

I am dean of the upper school for Northwest Arkansas Classical Academy in Bentonville, Arkansas. I graduated from Hillsdale College in 2005 with a major in history.


What did your time at Hillsdale teach you, and how does it influence your teaching?

My Hillsdale education taught me several things that I am frequently reminded of in my work. One is that learning takes time and patience, and is as much the product of effort as it is mental ability. The second is that learning is best practiced in a community, which in turn can only be properly established where there are shared commitments, to one another and to the task at hand. So much of a school is lost when there is not emphasis on the community and the ideals it should portray.


What are your thoughts on BCSI and on education in general?

Mr. Horswell: Working with BCSI and my school is a real joy. I think many times over the course of the year, “I wish schools like this had been available to me when I was a younger student.” I look forward to the BCSI vision spreading and gaining ground in our society. It is much needed.