2015 Commencement Procession

Commencement and Mother’s Day

Compiled by Jo Kroeker

This year, Mother’s Day falls on the Sunday right after graduation. I asked a few graduating seniors to tell me about their moms and what they wanted their moms to know on this Commencement and Mother’s Day. Here’s what they said.

* * * * *

Luke Robson“I’m still trying to live up to my mother’s example, even though I’m constantly falling short. Her charity is unmatched, and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life provides me with constant evidence of God’s love.”

— Luke Robson, ’17

Hannah Fleming“My mom, sister, and I get so silly when we’re all together, and sometimes we end up teasing her. But I actually want to be her when I grow up. She has given me a beautiful example of the kind of woman I want to be one day.”

— Hannah Fleming, ’17

Kenzi Dickhudt“Hey mom, remember all those times you said I would thank you later in life? Yeah, you were right. Thank you.”

— Kenzi Dickhudt, ’17

Bridget DeLapp“I hope to be exactly like my mom someday (although, for a while I could never admit it). Her steadfast, selfless, and supportive nature is the reason why we are able to love richly, think clearly, and appreciate the goodness of God in our lives. She is the glue that binds our family together!”

— Bridget DeLapp, ’17

MacKenzie Mahdasian“Thank you for putting up with my sass and for teaching me how to love others like Jesus did.”

— MacKenzie Mahdasian, ’17

Ian Gensler“Graduation, change has begun, / Still my mom and me your son, / Now less time at home I complain, / But I’m glad to say it’ll be quite the same.”

— Ian Gensler, ’17

Joshua Cameon“Thank you for all your love, support, and guidance, in both school and life. Love you, and happy Mother’s Day!”

— Joshua Cameon, ’17

Chris-Pudenz“I love my mom. A lot. But I know she loves me more. Why? Because that’s what moms do.”

— Christopher Pudenz, ’17



Jo KroekerJoAnna Kroeker (but everyone calls her Jo), ’19, exchanged flip flops and eternal sunshine in Fresno, California, for snow-boots and school at Hillsdale, where she studies French and journalism. Former Opinions and current Features Editor of the Hillsdale Collegian, she gives thanks for the coffee and brown sugar Pop Tarts that make school and a weekly newspaper possible. When she’s not writing, she’s tutoring other writers or thinking about writing while doing yoga, baking, or reading.