Hillsdale Interfraternity Council

Written by Michael Ragan

While each of Hillsdale’s four fraternities maintain unique identities and goals, they remain equally committed to the promotion of Greek Life as a whole, as an engine to promote the ideals and principles espoused by the college. The Hillsdale chapter of the National Interfraternity Council (NIC) serves as the governing body that binds the four houses together in pursuit of this goal.

Headed by Sigma Chi senior Patrick Davenport, the Hillsdale Interfraternity Council (IFC) exists to foster a fair recruitment process, while representing the men’s Greek system collectively to the college’s administration and the general student body. Often, the first step in this process is the elimination of stereotypes and pre-conceived notions about what it means to be Greek. According to IFC Treasurer Ian Atherton, “We really aim to clear up some of the serious misconceptions about the Greek System. The truth is it’s a worthwhile endeavor, and I’d hate to see the ‘Animal House’ reputation keep anyone from going through with what is, for many, the best decision they’ve made to date.”

Canned food drives, volunteer opportunities, and Greek-wide service projects all serve as tools to foster the principles toward which the Greek community strives. Monthly cookouts at football games and the possibility of the first ever year-end Greek Block Party also provide chances to bring Greeks and Independents together.

One common aspect of all Greek Houses is the lofty ideals they aspire to. Although each fraternity or sorority alone can accomplish much, even more can be done when all are brought together for a common purpose. The Interfraternity Council serves this purpose by uniting the men of Hillsdale College’s Greek System under one banner to further the principles of liberty and truth in a unique and effective organization.

Michael Ragan is a member of the class of 2015 at Hillsdale College. A resident of Toledo, Ohio, Michael is majoring in Economics and minoring in Music. He is a member of the Beta Kappa Chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, the club golf team, and the Aliaga Foundation on campus.