Dr. Smith talking to parents.

Highlights from Spring 2016 Parents Weekend

Compiled by Victoria Barry | Photography by Madeline Barry

Every semester, Hillsdale invites parents to campus for Parents Weekend. Here are what some parents have to say about the event.

Cieply Family

“I love Hillsdale. Everything about the campus is so warm and welcoming. I wish I could have come here for school, because I think I would be a much better person if I had.”

– Parents of Adam Cieply, Greg and Penny, from Niles, IL

Fleming Family

“I love seeing my daughter, and this is a good excuse. We just had a wonderful time talking to Dr. Smith. We had the last appointment slot with him and talked to him afterward for an hour. It was a wonderful exchange of ideas.”

– Parents of Hannah Fleming, David and Jo, from Grand Rapids, MI

Tripepi Family

“It’s been really interesting meeting with professors. They are so personable and open to talking to you about your student. We had met with one of the professors twice already, so we didn’t sign up to meet with him again, and he got quite upset that we didn’t. It makes you feel good that the professor knows who you are.”

– Parents of Michael Tripepi, Rocco and Arlene, from Granger, IN

Creed Family

“The professors’ concern for students really comes through. Dr. Bart commented that students don’t get enough sleep. The professors know our kids.”

– Parents of Elena Creed, Frank and Cathy, from Westford, MA

Brom Family

“Elisabeth is our fourth child, and this is the best parents weekend of any university we’ve attended. It’s nice meeting the professors and putting names with faces. We’ve never encountered that before.”

– Parents of Elisabeth Brom, Timm and Ann, from Prairie Du Chien, WI

Victoria Barry is a senior English major and classical education minor. She is an active member of Catholic Society, the president of the A.A. Milne Club, and a volunteer at Mary Randall preschool. In addition to reading and writing, Victoria enjoys baking, singing, and taking long outdoor walks. She plans on teaching elementary school after graduation this spring.