Hillsdale College Campus

Impressions of Fall

Perfect for a sweatshirt but not yet a coat, fall in Hillsdale is a time to see your breath in the morning, walk through crunchy leaves, relax during Fall Break, look forward to Thanksgiving, and drink up the pumpkin spice flavoring and apple cider AJs features for the season. There is “something special” about this time of year. On a recent October day, I noticed more people outside than in the summer, probably because the weather was that perfect fall temperature. I talked with several students lounging on the grass, sitting on benches, and studying at tables dispersed around campus to gather their opinions on Hillsdale autumn.


“I’m studying outside because it’s a beautiful fall day and I’m so excited the leaves are changing colors. It’s a lot better than sitting in a stuffy classroom or the library. Everything is just so beautiful. The architecture of the buildings creates this perfect academic environment for studying outside because you see the columns and the statues and it’s just very inspiring. And the trees are beautiful, so there’s that too.”

– Charlotte McFaddin, Northern Virginia


“I like the sunshine and its comfortable and I’m basking in the nice weather and colors before it gets cold. There’s a special feel to it, almost historic.”

– Hailey Morgan, Michigan


“I enjoy pumpkin spice. Hillsdale is special because you still get to experience and see some harvest. Fall in the Midwest is underrated.”

– Josh Bailey, Iowa


“I don’t want to be inside on a day like today. I always try to sit outside, unless I’m trying to study because sometimes it’s too pretty to focus. I like the coolness, the briskness. And the smell of fall. Something about the cool air and the trees just combine into a leaf smell. It just makes me happy.”

– Emilia Heider, Ohio

“You know Constant Comet Tea? It smells like tea is actually brewing in the air. I love how the canopy above you gets totally on fire. It’s just beautiful. You can escape the studying in the library where everyone’s thoughts are attacking you. It’s a perfect day, this bench is a perfect spot, we can see all of campus, which is delightful.”

– Molly Kate Andrews, Washington


“I like fall by contrast. It’s like in Moby Dick, how Ishmael needs to compare things to appreciate them: you can’t truly appreciate summer or fall without something to compare them to. It lets you appreciate the other.”

– Matt Nolan, Michigan


“It’s really beautiful here. There are lots of trees around, and these huge trees right outside my room are really beautiful in the fall. I’m trying to enjoy the weather while I can.”

– Abagail, Upstate New York

Maybe that “something special” about the fall is less about the weather, the colors, and the smells and more about the enjoyment people gain from recognizing the beauty in nature.

Emma McCormickEmma McCormick, ’19, is from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and plans on majoring in economics. It is still too early to call her a full-fledged member, but she participates in mock trial and the firearms club, and volunteers at Mary Randall Preschool.