“Mauckoodfeldt” Means Family

Written by Nolan Ryan

It’s getting late on a weeknight. Commotion and laughter are coming from Mauck’s spacious lobby. If you investigate, you might find an intense game of Clue ensuing among friends. Why aren’t they stressing about midterms? The answer is a conglomerate word: “Mauckoodfeldt.”

This year, Mauck, Koon, and Niedfeldt residences joined forces in the various competitions of homecoming week. “Mauckoodfeldt,” as they call themselves, contains the self-proclaimed “orphans” of campus, as none of the three dorms has an adult house director or dorm mom. The alliance was somewhat unexpected, since the two guys’ and one girls’ residences are stereotypically quiet. But the joined community didn’t end with the conclusion of homecoming festivities. The RAs were determined to maintain the unique bond throughout the school year.

Senior Mauck RA Andrea Wallace is responsible for creating a Facebook group for the residents of Mauck, Koon, and Niedfeldt.

“The continued camaraderie among the dorms of Mauckoodfeldt indicates that the homecoming alliance was organic and appropriate, and that doing activities with each other brings out the best in each dorm,” she said. “It has been really special to watch friendships grow within Mauckoodfeldt.”

These blooming friendships have allowed the students to spend time hanging out with other Hillsdale students and forget about homework for an hour or two. Mauckoodfeldt, Andrea said, has an “eclectic, casual, and fun vibe.” The study breaks and fun movie nights have become a great way to relieve academic stress.

“‘Mauckoodfeldtians’ know that if they attend a Mauckoodfeldt event, they can come as they are, share laughs with friends, and spend a few hours away from the stressful atmosphere that Hillsdale tends to produce,” Andrea said. “Our events require little commitment, so Mauckoodfeldtians are free to simply show up and have a good time.”

Senior Koon RA Reuben Blake echoed this, saying that Mauckoodfeldt is family. Family sticks together and helps each other. Family won’t let each other get beaten down by stress and academics.

From movie nights with The Prince of Egypt or Napoleon Dynamite to board game nights, the students from the three dorms find plenty to do together when they’re studying or relaxing. In any case, the residents of Mauck, Koon, and Niedfeldt have found a unique outlet for avoiding academic burnout.

Nolan RyanNolan Ryan, ‘20, is an English major and journalism minor from the frigid heart of northern Michigan. If you want to have a long conversation about life and theology, just start by mentioning C.S. Lewis or Emily Dickinson. In the midst of his studies, he occasionally finds time to pursue his love of ’50s music and good coffee.

Published in November 2017