Residents of Simpson dorm in their room.

Simpson Residence

Written by Luke Daigneault

For some students, it only takes a few days, and for others, it takes a full semester. However long it takes, though, you will get to know the other men on your hall. That’s how Simpson is.

Simpson is the epitome of vibrant dorm life here at Hillsdale. There is always someone with whom to study, watch the game, throw the ball around, play video games, or even make a run to McDonald’s.

This year, the dorm came together to raise money to build a well in Sangaalo, Uganda. Through various, sometimes wild projects, we men raised over $1000. The most recent of these fundraisers was the PGA party on First Floor South, where every room was converted into a putt-putt golf course hole. However, this homemade course was not for novices, as many of the holes involved various ramps, tunnels, and general bending of the laws of physics. This combined with our other fundraisers, such as the dorm-wide March Madness bracket tournament and the school-wide talent show. In other words, we love to come up with creative ways to be philanthropic. Who ever said fundraisers had to be boring?

The “fight club” Bible study, held weekly in the basement and open to all Simpson men, helps to foster the spiritual community in the dorm. Along with growing spiritually, we men are all about growing intellectually. Dr. Arnn, Hillsdale College President, came to spend some time in our basement to share some of his very coveted wisdom about being upright men of honorable ambition.

Logistically speaking, the advantages to living here on West Street are great. Our kitchen in the lobby is always available for use. Simpson is located so close to campus that you can pick up the Dow Center Wi-Fi from the lobby. The rooms are suite style: 1 bathroom connects 2 rooms each with their own sink. Everyone seems to appreciate the high ceilings in the rooms as well. Every hall has two RA’s, which I could best describe as really awesome older brothers – guys who are really fun to be around and who discourage you from doing anything you’ll regret later. They are the captains, and we are the crew.  Another added plus is that Simpson is being renovated this summer!

If you’re an incoming freshman reading this, I could write much more trying to inform you about this place, but nobody’s time here is the same. There are some things that you can only learn through experience, and I would definitely encourage you to visit for the night and witness it all first hand.

Luke Daigneault is currently a freshman at Hillsdale College majoring in Economics and minoring in Philosophy. Luke runs for the cross-country and track teams and is involved in the Fairfield-Gadfly Group on campus.