Student Activities Board

10 Reasons You Should Apply for a Position on SAB

Written by Shelby Phillips

Everyone has heard of the Student Activities Board, but what is it like to work for Hillsdale’s premiere party-planning group? On-campus hiring is coming up for the next school year, and these are the top ten reasons you should apply for a position on SAB.

  1. Build That Resume
    First off, you are planning, hosting, and working events that almost the entire student body attends. That is a huge deal. This kind of leadership, responsibility, and hard work does not go unnoticed by employers. What’s more? Your specific position on the board will be tailored to develop your unique talents and interests. Working on SAB gives you the opportunity to become certified by well-known companies in social media marketing and project management. Apply for positions that include event coordination, graphic design, social media management, and creative direction to name a few. Have a technical skill you want to put to good use? Develop it with us! Our board is full of diverse roles that will be applicable to the career field you’re aiming for post-graduation. 
  2. Your Job is to Throw Parties
    The old adage states, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Being on SAB is hard work, but when the work is fun, the hours go by quickly. You’ll plan events down to the last detail, manually set up venues (this may require blood, sweat, and tears), and craft various DIY projects. You’ll also show up early for last-minute touches, perform shift work during events to ensure everything goes smoothly, and clean up after successful events. Hours can vary, but who’s counting? This type of work is so satisfying because we love serving our peers. We consider it a privilege to positively impact our campus’s social atmosphere from one event to the next.
  3. Professional Development
    Many on-campus jobs are simply a means to make a few bucks for groceries or rent. And getting paid is important, but it certainly isn’t everything. As a team member on SAB, you will be invested into. Don’t think of SAB as a campus job; think of it as a campus career. Each weekly meeting incorporates elements of faith, leadership, and professional development to help you reach your full potential. It’s a priority to ensure our team is equipped in a variety of areas, ensuring we are effective here on campus and wherever life takes us after Hillsdale.
  4. Taste Test
    It’s our job to try out the food and beverages we serve prior to our events. This could be one of your responsibilities as a member of the SAB team. Not only will you get to have a say in what food is at the event. You’ll have the chance to enhance our culinary creativity in new and exciting ways. But be warned: You better always have chicken tenders!
  5. Cool Bosses
    Working with someone as competent and friendly as Director of Student Activities Ashlyn Landherr is a reason to apply all on its own. As a former Hillsdale College student, she understands what students need to relax and have fun at any event, and she gets things done while still being a mentor and a friend. She is the type of boss you want to make proud and work hard for.
  6. Unexpected Friendships
    Living, studying, and hanging around the same people every day can get boring. Take a break from the people you do life with and get to know some people outside of your circle. Working on SAB gives you the opportunity to meet and bond with others you normally might not run into. The highs and lows of the job push you closer to one another, creating lasting friendships.
  7. VIP Access
    Want to meet the band from President’s Ball? Get to know the artist for CHP? Join SAB, and the chance is yours! From sound check to backstage, you get VIP access to everyone coming to campus. Anyone remember Aaron Carter? How about Three Shades of Blue? Chris Lane ring a bell? All of these stars have been on SAB’s stage and worked closely with our staff.
  8. Create Relations with Faculty & Staff
    You would be surprised how many awesome people work on our campus. On SAB you get to know the lives of staff members you might otherwise not be exposed to. People like Patrick Kander, the head chef of Bon Appetit, who is as funny and generous as he is talented. Or Marty Morrison, the physical plant setup coordinator responsible for our event deliveries. And we can’t forget Scott Pienta, the mastermind behind our event lighting, sound, and a variety of other media luxuries.
  9. Opportunity to Make a Change
    If you notice something our campus is lacking from a social standpoint, now is your chance to make a change. Apply and bring your ideas to the table. A large majority of campus improvements are heard during the interview process. It’s important to remember, SAB is run by students, for students. We listen to feedback! Sometimes the best way to get your voice heard is to become the listener.
  10. Give Back to Campus
    Finally, join SAB for the opportunity to serve your student body. If you love Hillsdale the way most of us do, give back to it! Host huge events like Centralhallapalooza, weekly social gatherings like bowling nights, or surprising pop-up promotions like coffee in the Union. College is about a higher education, but it is also about the experience and the memories. To be a part of making that happen and seeing that through is unbelievably rewarding. You could potentially be contributing to the best night of someone’s college career. SAB may not always be easy, but it is always worth it.

Eager to apply? Check out on-campus employment on Handshake or talk to a current member of the Student Activities Board for more information regarding the application process.