Last day of classes

“How-To” Guide to Stay Motivated for Second Semester’s Second Half

By Kendra Lantis

It’s the second part of second semester. You’re tired, stressed, and a little sleep deprived. You’ve been counting down the days till break for weeks, and your friends start to wonder if the library, or a booth at AJ’s, has become your new home. We’ve all been there. Being motivated to finish the semester strong can seem impossible. Instead of fighting your way through the last months of school, here are some simple ways to stay motivated while enjoying this time of year.

  1. Remind Yourself
    Whether it’s raising your GPA, trying to work out more often, or just not being late to class, make some goals in all aspects of your life. Make long- and short-term goals and track them. If visualizing helps, make a list, and put it in your planner, or stick it somewhere in your room. Remind yourself why these things are important, and then get them done.
  2. Double Check
    Make weekly checkpoints to track your progress. This way you won’t get overwhelmed by everything you want to accomplish. It will also eliminate the chance of procrastination. These checkups can be a good self-reflection on how you’re spending your time and whether you’re being productive with your study habits. As always, more efficiency in completing your tasks means more free time with friends.
  3. Take Courage
    Stop complaining and get to work. Just kidding (kind of), but try to flip your perspective during these tough weeks, and look at them as times of opportunity to work hard and finish strong. Your time of fun in the sun is so close, so take on that growth mindset you learned about in Physical Wellness, and make the days before break more enjoyable. Rejoice in the challenge.  Be kind to yourself, and keep your head up if you stray from your goals. You can do it!
  4. Focus
    Make sure you keep yourself accountable for distractions, whether this means social media, chatty friends, music, etc. Make sure your study area is a place where you can be productive and not tempted to waste time scrolling through Instagram or binge-watching a Netflix show. If having a friend who can keep you accountable helps, then grab a study buddy. 
  5. Treat Yourself
    When you complete a goal, check it off, and then go for the reward. You’ve earned it! Whether it be ice-cream from AJ’s, an Americano from Checker Records, or a game of beach volleyball at Hayden Park, allow yourself to be treated. It will motivate you to tackle another goal. Whatever keeps you determined, let it help you finish the semester strong.

Kendra Lantis is the Decorations Assistant for the Student Activities Board.