Pep Band

Putting Pep in Our Step: Five Things You Didn’t Know about the Charger Pep Band

Written by Rachel Moore

The game is getting intense, the scoreboard is heating up, and all of a sudden, the whistle blows and all of the players hustle to their respective benches. UGH. Time-outs are an essential part of any basketball game, but they can last an eternity to a fan on the edge of her seat. Luckily, time-outs at home Charger games mean catchy tunes and crowd head-bobbing. Who’s the mastermind behind these musical interludes? Our very own pep band.

You hear their music at every game, but do you truly listen? These five facts about our Hillsdale Charger Pep Band will give you a newfound appreciation for the most sports-savvy musical group on campus.

*  *  *  *  *

  1. Students only, please.
    The pep band is composed ENTIRELY of students. Just. Like. You.  No one else helps with band administration.  Senior Hank Prim leads rehearsals and conducts the band during games. All the energy the band exudes is due to dedicated students running to Howard Music Hall in between classes to form their game plan, practice ‘plays,’ and work out their chops.
  2. “Pep Band is fun, but it’s not fun to suck.”
    Did I mention how hard they work? These sage words from Hank Prim himself form the cardinal rule by which the team is led: “It is our goal to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for our teams and audience.” This volunteer group dedicates long hours to perfecting each element of their performance, making sure their sound is en pointe for each and every game. These tireless efforts are what it takes to make fans jump right out of their seats when they hear that wall of sound.
  3. Diversity is key (pun intended).
    Each of these student volunteers brings something different to the table. Believe it or not, there are NO music majors in Pep Band! Staying true (good and beautiful) to Hillsdale’s mission as a liberal arts college, Charger Pep Band members seek to actualize their full human potency by developing their various intellectual faculties—all while staying on pitch and on beat.
  4. They actually know sports. Really, really well.
    Pep band members have their heads in the game better than anyone in the stands. Prim sums up the importance of being in tune with game play in the following statement: “We have to pay much better attention than anyone, because there are lots of different songs and opportunities for us to play. You have to pay attention because they just call a time out and it’s like, ‘OK, it’s your turn!’” Think of the pep band as the catalyst behind game-day hype. They cue the cheerleaders, the fans, and everyone in the building to charge up!
  5. Pep band wants YOU to join.
    The pep band is looking for new members, and they never turn people away. As Prim finishes his senior year, the band will be looking for a new director to fire up the crowds. If you seek a dedicated group to help you hone your skills as a musician or want to swim in the sea of sound from inside the band, talk to Hank or any other member and sign up now!

Rachel Moore is the Student Activities Board Promotions Assistant.