SAB President's Ball

Redefining the Party – What SAB is all About

Written by Lyndsey Bice

All too often, parents cringe at the thought of sending their kids off to college. For the first time, we are released into the wild world of being able to fully make our own decisions and choose how to spend our time. Though the thought of college parties is enough to elevate some parents’ blood pressure, here on Student Activities Board, we strive to redefine the term ‘party.’ Our mission statement reads: “To purposefully benefit, enhance, and serve as a voice to the student community of Hillsdale College by providing social events and opportunities that are fun, safe, and encourage the growth and development of friendships on campus.”

It’s possible to have all-campus parties that aren’t something you’d see in a terrible Hollywood movie. We like to facilitate community through events that are right here on campus and open to Chargers of all ages and social backgrounds. Hear us out.

It is no secret that the academics of Hillsdale are rigorous, making it easy for students to get caught up in their hours of homework. Between being immersed in schoolwork, students also balance participation in clubs, work, and sports. Although these activities are worthwhile, it’s also important to take a break from the daily grind and focus on creating relationships with others. This is what SAB strives to do, and we do it by tailoring our events to as many student interests as possible.

Freshman Michael Szabo remarked, “SAB has different events that appeal to a wide variety of people, so every group on campus can enjoy the social aspect of college.”

Take Concert on the Quad, for example. Early in the fall semester, SAB offers a small, relaxing opportunity for musically oriented students to showcase their talents to their peers. This differs greatly from a huge event like Centralhallapalooza put on as an end-of-the-year bash in April. From paintball wars to lip-synching showdowns, there are endless opportunities for all students to take a step back from Aristotle every once in a while.

SAB parties would not be possible without strong ties to the community outside of campus. From Trivia nights at El Cerritos to painting beautiful pictures at Toasted Mud or renting out an entire theatre at the local cinema, supporting local businesses is important to our College and our community.  Junior politics major Zoe Harness commented, “There are a lot of unique businesses in Hillsdale; when SAB connects our College and the community, it’s mutually beneficial. The College is already a big part of the town, but the social events encourage students to see all the fun opportunities the town has at a discounted or free rate for students.”

Our kinds of parties aim to improve a student’s overall experience at Hillsdale College. SAB offers an opportunity for students to escape the classroom, interact with peers outside of their normal social groups, and stay safe while doing it.

Lyndsey Bice, ’18, is the Event Coordinator Assistant for the Student Activities Board.