A couple resting their feet on a coffee table, relaxing.

Sunday Night Movies in Galloway

Written by Jacky Eubanks

Since fall of their freshman year, a group of guys in Galloway Residence have gathered each Sunday night to watch a movie and decompress from the fatigue of studying.

It all started when what was supposed to be just a handful of guys watching Office Space became everyone cramming in to watch the movie. The following week they decided to watch another movie together. Only this time, in order to have more space, they picked the Galloway first-floor lobby.

“I think it helped relationships,” Christian Betz, ’20, said. “It gave us something to bond over. Everyone was really into it, so we just kept doing it.” The guys even came up with a process for how to pick each week’s movie. It started with choosing a theme for each semester, beginning with comedies.

“It’s varied quite a bit, but we usually throw a couple names up and vote. We watched a couple classics—Animal House was one of the first ones, Airplane…a couple of very old ones.”

Having a movie night might not sound very exciting, but it allows the guys—and some girls, too—to get to know people they might not otherwise be friends with by using movie references as icebreakers later.

“The best memories happen when we retell jokes from a movie afterwards,” Christian said. “Watching a movie itself isn’t a grand thing, but being able to relate back to what we’ve watched and joke with one another brings so much fun to every other activity we do together.”

Jacky EubanksJacquelyn Eubanks, ‘20, is an award-winning author with a passion for books, tea, and mountains. Someday she’ll be a world traveler, but for now you can find her typing away at her newest novel.