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Student-Employment Know How

Written by Victoria Nuñez

You’ve made it to Hillsdale, and you’re a month into your classes, but you might be anxious to start working to offset the cost of tuition. Though it’s certainly not an expectation, many students prefer to have an on-campus job or two. Here’s a list of some of the most popular:

1. Student Union Desk – This job is one of the most visible because everyone has to walk by the student union desk to go to meals at SAGA, the College’s affectionately named cafeteria. You can take half-hour to hour shifts that go as late as 2:00 a.m.

2. A.J.’s Café Student Worker – Working at A.J.’s means you get to know your friends’ coffee orders by heart, as you get to be a barista in one of the most popular study spots at the College.

3. Library Front Desk – This job is also very visible because everyone needs to go to the library at some point. You’ll get to see frazzled and well-prepared students alike. You’ll also become a wizard at the printer because everyone will be asking you how exactly it works. Your responsibilities will include checking in and out books, stacking shelves, and helping with any of the several academic events the library puts on throughout the year.

4. Lifeguarding at the Sports Complex – With a proper lifeguarding license and training, you are good to go!

5. Arboretum Grounds Worker – Do you like working outside and the satisfaction of physical labor? Then this job is for you! Your responsibilities will include weeding, stacking brush, and other occasional clean-up of the outside of buildings.

6. Student Blog Writer – This job combines creative writing with writing about our College. It is the perfect opportunity to practice writing on a deadline to create content for an organization. Furthermore, it is a great way to take ownership of your own writing!

7. Social Media Content – If you are an Instagram guru or Facebook wizard, the marketing department is always looking for student social media content developers to represent the College.

All these jobs are posted on Handshake, the College’s online job posting software, where students can create a career profile, apply for jobs, sign up for Writing Center appointments, check into Career Services, and the list goes on! Students can sign in here.

Good luck!

Victoria NuñezVictoria Nuñez, ’22, has a deep love for connecting people to people and is always up for an adventure. She writes because she has to, but she enjoys it more than she lets on. In her free time, you can catch her laughing, dancing, or people watching.

Published in November 2019