Sciences and Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

The Underlying Language of the Physical Universe

As many universities have begun to narrow the scope of mathematics, the Hillsdale mathematics department continues to resist the trend that confines mathematics to a single mode of thought. The Applied Mathematics major at Hillsdale epitomizes this commitment to avoid isolation and to open avenues of conversation between mathematics and other disciplines like economics, physics, and politics, forging links that both inform our understanding of other subjects and deepen our knowledge of mathematics itself. Classically, mathematics has been understood as a liberal art that ought to be studied alongside other liberal arts, a search for order, truth, and pattern inherent in the world around us that transcends a multitude of subjects; at Hillsdale, this attempt to discover and understand the language of the physical universe remains central to our pursuit of mathematics. Instead of divorcing mathematical theory from its applications, the Applied Mathematics major fuses them together, creating an integrated curriculum of study that challenges students to discover how mathematics relates to the world around them. Applied Mathematics is offered as a major only.

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