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A Rigorous Look at the Properties Within

Look at life from the molecular level. In keeping with classical liberal arts principles, you’ll learn to experiment, observe, measure, and draw thoughtful conclusions in pursuit of understanding the natural world—and all of humanity. You’ll uncover these chemical truths with maximized hands-on lab time in facilities rarely found at liberal arts colleges. Our small classes and research requirements mean you’ll learn alongside professors, dedicated to the education and mentorship of undergraduates, and have the opportunity to publish as well. Our chemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Professional Training, and our student ACS chapter is nationally recognized. Chemistry is offered as both a major and minor.

High School Summer Science Camps


Chemistry students writing notes on the window of a fume hood.

The chemistry faculty seeks to prepare students:

  • for graduate work in chemistry or biochemistry or for training in professional schools
  • for teaching in educational institutions
  • for positions in industry or government service
  • for application of chemistry in medicine, biology, physics and other fields

The introductory courses may be taken by students desiring acquaintance with chemistry as a part of a liberal arts education. The purpose of the courses is not so much to train specialists as to equip the student to undertake intelligently any work of a chemical nature. Students will find a thorough foundation in the fundamentals of chemistry to be the best basis for future specialization in any branch of the subject.

Hillsdale College’s chemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society for the training of undergraduate chemists and, therefore, allows for awarding ACS-certified degrees.


Students working with various vials under a fume hood.

The Chemistry Department occupies the third floors of the adjoining Strosacker Science and Dow Science buildings. Chemistry faculty and students have access to several state-of-the-art labs equipped with advanced chemical instrumentation.

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American Chemical Society

Student working in the Chemistry Lab.

The College’s chapter of the American Chemical Society is a student-run organization dedicated to increasing the appreciation for chemistry.

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Iota Sigma Pi

Several students working in the Chemistry Lab.

Iota Sigma Pi is a national honorary society for women in chemistry.

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