Interdisciplinary Studies

Christian Studies

A Religion That Shaped a Nation

You’ll use Biblical and theological lenses to see more clearly the Christian roots of the human experience. The Christian studies program builds on a core of literature, history, politics, psychology, sociology, and philosophy, with threads of the Christian tradition woven throughout. Both interdisciplinary and awe-inspiring, this program will develop your capacity for rigorous analysis, rational argumentation, creative synthesis, and compelling communication. Christian studies is offered as both a major and minor.

Faith In Life Lecture Series

Miriam Winters giving a lecture at Hillsdale College.

Each year the Faith in Life Lecture Series brings to campus a distinguished speaker to focus the community’s attention on the mutual importance of scholarship and personal faith.

Past lecturers have included Ken Myers, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, John W. Montgomery, Peter J. Leithart, James R. Edwards, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Ray Ortlund Jr., Gerald McDermott, Donald Kraybill, Samuel Moffett, John Piper, Keith Yandell, James Sire, Wilson Kimnach, and Helen Westra.

Pi Epsilon Alpha

Dr. Westblade teaching.

Pi Epsilon Alpha is the Christian Studies honorary.

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