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Make Sense of a Fast-Changing Marketplace

When you study economics, you study the world. Beyond understanding the fast-changing financial climate, economics is crucial to addressing issues in business, politics, society, mathematics, and more. Our economics program is shaped by a free-market perspective, and professors will help guide you through the essential ideas of thinkers such as the Austrian School economists Ludwig von Mises and Frederick A. Hayek. Economics is offered as both a major and minor.


Students taking notes during an Economics class.


The Economics and Business Administration Department promotes an understanding of how economic ideas and the peaceful practice of commerce have contributed to the development of our Western heritage.

A consistent free-market approach to economics and business distinguishes the Department’s faculty, curriculum and course content from typical college programs.

The economics program gives students a very strong background in current mainstream economics. But, what makes Hillsdale College unique among undergraduate institutions is its additional attention to Public Choice Economics and the Austrian School of Economics (especially as found in the writings of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich A. Hayek).


Students listening to an Economics lecture.

The primary focus of Praxis is educating and encouraging the discussion and study of the relationship between politics and economics.

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