A Look at Eternity, Happiness, and Human Purpose

At Hillsdale, the study of religion isn’t built around the teachings of a particular faith, as it might be at a denominationally affiliated school. Nor is it dispassionate and oriented to skeptical criticism, as you might find at a more secular institution. Our courses invite you to think theologically—probing great questions within and in light of fundamental principles and tools of faith—religious texts, practices, and convictions. In doing so, you gain a deeper understanding of the animating forces of Western culture. Religion is offered as both a major and minor.

Faith In Life Lecture Series

Miriam Winters giving a lecture to students in an auditorium.

Each year the Faith in Life Lecture Series brings to campus a distinguished speaker to focus the community’s attention on the mutual importance of scholarship and personal faith.

Past lecturers have included J. P. Moreland, Jason Peters, Ken Myers, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, John W. Montgomery, Peter J. Leithart, James R. Edwards, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Ray Ortlund Jr., Gerald McDermott, Donald Kraybill, Samuel Moffett, John Piper, Keith Yandell, James Sire, Wilson Kimnach and Helen Westra.

Theta Alpha Kappa

Dr. Westblade Teaching

Theta Alpha Kappa is the national honor society for academic studies in religion and theology.

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