Sport Studies

Sport Psychology

An illuminating look at the development of the mind through sport

Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. Applying psychology to sport enhances performance by improving mental acuity. This sharpening of the mind requires skills such as focus, memory, concentration, and understanding. Consequently, the discipline of sport psychology incorporates many of the areas within the field, such as cognitive psychology (goal-setting theory and strategic race/game planning), social psychology (team-building and leadership development), biological psychology (anxiety/arousal control and stress response), developmental psychology (skill acquisition and mindset development), and abnormal psychology (depressed mood due to injury/playing time and addiction education and awareness). Students in this major will take a blend of courses both in the psychology and sport studies departments.


Roche Sports Complex Basketball Court

The Sports Complex houses the Dawn Tibbetts Potter Arena and the John “Jack” McAvoy Natatorium.

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