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Hillsdale College Announces Commencement Speaker: Dr. Jordan Peterson

Professor and psychologist will address Hillsdale College class of 2022

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Hillsdale, Mich. — Hillsdale College is pleased to announce that Jordan B. Peterson will address the class of 2022 at the College’s 170th spring commencement ceremony.

“Many today believe that happiness comes from without, not within,” said Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn. “Dr. Peterson reminds us that fulfillment comes only through the habits one develops, the choices one makes, and the way one lives.”

Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist, and the author of three books: “Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief,” “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,” and “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life.” He received a B.A. in political science and a B.A. in psychology from the University of Alberta, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from McGill University. He has published more than 100 scientific papers, and his podcasts have over 55 million downloads and consistently rank #1 in the Higher Education category on iTunes. He was nominated for five consecutive years as one of Ontario’s Best University Lecturers.

View photos of Hillsdale College and Dr. Peterson here.

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