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Scott W. Atlas Receives Hillsdale College Freedom Leadership Award

Atlas Joins Distinguished Group of Past Recipients

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Hillsdale, Mich. — President Larry P. Arnn presented the Freedom Leadership Award, Hillsdale College’s highest honor, to Hoover Institution Fellow Scott W. Atlas at a National Leadership Seminar on February 18, 2021, in Phoenix, Arizona. The College’s Board of Trustees conferred the award on Dr. Atlas “in recognition of his dedication to individual freedom and the free society.” Past recipients of the award include Margaret Thatcher, Clarence Thomas, Edwin Meese, Jeane Kirkpatrick, and Rush Limbaugh.

In presenting the award, Arnn praised Atlas for his courage and wisdom in speaking “truth in the face of consequences” while counseling President Trump about the pandemic. He added that “every one of us has discovered a brave and brilliant man.”

Atlas addressed over 500 friends and supporters of the College at the event. In his address, he stated, “The pandemic has been a tragedy, no doubt, but it has exposed profound issues in America that now threaten those very principles of freedom and order that we Americans too often take for granted.”

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