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The Parents Association Steering Committee (PASC) has chosen two areas of concentration for this year’s Parents Fund.


Director of Parent Relations
Mary Ewers

(517) 607-2469

 [email protected]

Executive Secretary to the Director of Parent Relations
 Cheryl Clawson

(517) 607-2382

 [email protected]

Annual Operation Budget

Behind every class, every seminar series, every athletic event, and every service provided by Hillsdale College are resources that contribute toward the excellence of Hillsdale’s education and outreach programs. From library books to science laboratory supplies to building utilities to the faculty and staff, these resources comprise the College’s annual operating budget.

The PASC has set a goal to raise $550,000 for Hillsdale’s annual operating budget in 2019-2020. Gifts and pledges made by parents and grandparents of current and past students are crucial to the College’s success in funding the annual operating budget, since it provides the groundwork of everything Hillsdale does. Without these people and resources, the College cannot stand.

Private Scholarships

The PASC’s second goal for 2019-2020 is to raise $3 million for undergraduate scholarships. Private scholarship funding is among the College’s most pressing needs. It ensures Hillsdale’s total independence from all federal and state student grants and loans—and the government interference that comes with them. Hillsdale must continue to offer privately funded aid in an increasingly competitive higher education environment.

Support for scholarships can come in many forms. Parents may choose to donate to the general scholarship endowment, or the Student Independence Grant and Loan Fund (SIGLF), through which Hillsdale replaces all federal and state student aid. Gifts can also be made to specific scholarship funds, such as athletic team scholarships, music scholarships, the Frederick Douglass Scholarship for high-achieving students with significant financial need, scholarships for Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program (WHIP) participants, and many more. For a minimum gift of $50,000, parents or grandparents may establish a named scholarship endowment that will provide awards in perpetuity.

State Scholarship Initiative

Several Hillsdale parents have pioneered to establish an endowed scholarship for students from each state of the union. A minimum of $50,000 must be raised for each state, which will produce at least a $2,500 annual scholarship in perpetuity. There is no limit to the endowment for each scholarship, and a larger endowment will result in larger scholarships available to multiple students. Contributions of any size and from any number of parents count toward the $50,000 minimum goal.


The Parents Association Steering Committee (PASC) conducts two major fundraisers for this benefit.

Parent-to-Parent Phonathon

The Parent-to-Parent Phonathon takes place twice a year just prior to Fall and Spring Parents Weekends. Parents come to campus and call current parents, past parents, and grandparents to solicit their contributions

Cruise Raffle

The Cruise Raffle will endeavor to sell no more than three hundred tickets at $300 per ticket for a chance to win an all-expenses paid cruise for two on the next Hillsdale College Cruise. Airfare for two will be included as well. The details for the next cruise will be determined soon. The next drawing will take place on February 29, 2020, at the Spring Parents Luncheon.

Learn More About The Cruise


Monetary donations can be made online. When making online donations, please type “Parents Association Fundraiser” in the gift designation line.

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